Adults MMA - 16 year olds upwards

Mixed Martial Arts or MMA as it is more commonly known, is a sport combat style encompassing Kickboxing, Karate, Thai Boxing, Judo and Jiu Jitsu to create an all round fighting style designed for competition and fitness.

Our students train for enjoyment, some train for fitness, others to de-stress from a long day or week at the office. Some take part in competition.; this gives them a personal goal to achieve. Instructors at RPMAA motivate you all the way so no need to worry about being motivated, we will do it for you.

MMA Foundation (beginners) class

Our MMA foundation classes are designed for the beginner. They are structured to give the complete novice student the fundamentals on how to train safe and correctly in Mixed Martial Arts & Kickboxing. Each class will guide you in striking, grappling, wrestling and fitness. Once our coaching team feel that you are ready to step up your training then you will be moved up to the next level MMA class.

Hitting pads and not people is a great way to get rid of all that tension as well as learning a Martial Art. We currently offer kids and adults classes!

We also provide Youth MMA and Kickboxing Programmes and Classes for ages 8-15.
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Fight for your fitness